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Contemporary Italian Furniture – Quanto-e-Bello

Quanto-e-Bello is a quality homemade furniture company, based in Stellenbosch. With a rich history in Italian furniture design in
the past, they currently present contemporary industrial pipe furniture pieces to the local market. The quality they showpiece makes for a unique
product. The company is also proud to be supporters of South African suppliers and locally sourced materials whenever possible.

Steampunk Designed Light
What is it that we do you ask

With over 30 years in the wood industry we currently specialise in custom made industrial furniture and frame's
with great personal attention. We are locally based in the Wineland Products & Gallery section

Steampunk Workshop
The Man behind it all

The Man behind it all is Italian born, a self-motivated, creative furniture maker with more than 30 years in
the furniture trade. A perfectionist with very high standards, he specialises in custom built pieces and has a
keen interest in working with solid timbers incorporating metals, ceramics or granite.